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Air Freight Solutions

Airfreight has become an essential factor in supply chain management to keep pace with the increasing demand of worldwide markets.

Air freight forwarder do not move the cargo themselves; instead they ensure the logistics are in place for the goods to be moved around. They make sure that the various transport organizations are able to connect up into a smooth chain of operations and the goods are able to turn at the right place and time for the lowest cost.

Our Air Freight services are ideal for larger shipments that may or may not require a pallet. In some cases, you can include other services, such as pickup, collection, delivery and customs clearance for convenient shipping.

Priority Cargo

Our team understands that certain goods need a faster delivery time, PGS Logistics will help you to tailor-make a more flexible and efficient shipping schedule as per their specific requirements.

Combine speed, flexibility, and value with our global airport-to-airport service available worldwide

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With an edge of air freight solutions, factory-to-foundation solutions, global network and reach, dedicated account manager and 24×7 services, we create unparalleled synergies for your business success.

Other Services


We offer you world-class services and a seamless experience across 2400+ direct trade lanes, with offices in almost all origin and destination countries.


As you explore new business horizons with imports and exports, you can now ensure that your cargo is always secure.


An optimised supply chain is essential to business success across sectors. Whether you need end-to-end supply chain management, or a customised solution to optimise your existing supply chain, just leave it to our team of experts.


It’s essential to ensure the right warehouse and supply chain management as per style, size and shape of different items. And your e-commerce logistics solution has got to scale up effectively to meet high seasonal demands.


Strengthening your business supply chain by maximising the throughput of warehousing facilities can significantly impact your business’ profitability.


With our experience and expertise across key sectors, we take your business objectives and vision into consideration and align our solutions to your requirements.